“This is an easy way to help support the Sanctuary and its Residents”

Laser Concepts has a great recycling program for used printer cartridges. It seems that just about every printer cartridge has the potential to be recycled. Whether it’s a large commercial printer cartridge, a copier’s toner cartridge, or even a desk top printer cartridge for an inkjet or laser printer – it’s reusable!

So don’t throw those cartridges away any more. The program is really easy to use and doesn’t cost you anything. And the best thing about this whole program is the money earned from recycling these cartridges goes to help the animals!

The program is really easy to start and participate in. You have three easy options:

  • Call 303-466-0900 to have your cartridges picked up right away
  • Call 303-466-0900 to schedule a regular pick-up day and time
  • Call 303-466-0900 to have them send you a pre-paid shipping label for out of state collections

All programs have free pick up services – just call to have your cartridges picked up, It’s that easy to support the Sanctuary!